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About National Body & Paint Specialists located in Helena, MT

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“I work with your insurance company to remove your stress!”

Justine Crawford-Redfield – Owner/Manager

National Body & Paint Specialists is woman owned and family operated auto body shop.

For decades our auto body shop customers have been saying we're… “The Best Auto Body Shop in Helena”, providing collision repair for all makes and models of cars or trucks.


"Know You’re In The Best Of Hands"

Our painting facilities are state-of-the-art and give us the ability to match your vehicles paint in almost every case. Painting a vehicle or part of a vehicle can be a very difficult thing to get right. Our trained painting experts will get the job done right the first time so you can focus on your own life.

From a fender bender to a major wreck, you need your vehicle back quickly and need the repairs done right. National Body & Paint Specialists has the experience and expertise to get the fit and finish of your vehicle looking like it should.

Don’t mess around! Come to the experts at National Body and Paint Specialists the first time and experience the difference!


"Our Tradition of Honesty and Competent Auto Body Repair Continues To Be Our Core Values"


Customer attention is the main objective of our business. We join with our customers to understand and solve their needs.


We value our track record to get things done right the first time. Our customers have come to trust our auto body repair competence that drives long-term satisfaction.


Becoming better at what we do demonstrates our flexibility to continuously improve our skills, and be open to new and different ways that increase our overall quality.


Being courteous and friendly combined with exceptional workmanship is our winning combination.


Our task is clear. In order to be helpful we know that our reputation centers on service. To serve is showing consideration for our customers, and giving them what they need when they need it.


Most important is our strong tie to values and work ethics. We stand on our belief that our responsibility is to say what we do, and do what we say in an open exceptional manner.


Our customers understand our focus. Our intention is well defined so those we serve know what to expect. We are sure of our skills, what we do well, and concentrate on excellent results. We make good customer experiences happen, no matter what.


Customers can depend on us. We do what we’ve agreed to without being reminded. Our customers know their work will get done on time and on budget.


We establish an attitude of courtesy, the basic right any customer can expect. Specifically, the way we speak, act, and care for each and every customer experience.


When a customer calls or stops by our shop we are grateful for the opportunity to serve them and solve their problem. We are thankful for every job opportunity that comes our way.

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